Mom blogger, Mommy Influencer, Instagram Influencer, Family Photographer, Mama, Wife, Who Am I Going To Be In 2020?

Mom blogger, Mommy Influencer, Instagram Influencer, Family Photographer, Mama, Wife, Who Am I Going To Be In 2020?

I have never written on this blog, I just bought the domain name in case I decide to ever actually write under Amber Faust rather than Faust Island. I thought it would be better safe than sorry. Noone even knows this is here, I think the domain authority is like 1 out of 100. So I think it would be a fun place to write my random rambles.

I named my main blog Faust Island on a whim, Matthew and I met on an island and we still live on an island. I didn’t actually know that there were two small land masses named Faust Island. I should have googled that before I just ran with it. Hindsight is 2020?

@amberfaust was already taken on instagram but it’s deserted. Maybe I can petition to get it one day? But I do love the Island. But what happens if we decide to move to a mountain? Would I change my name to Faust Mountain? Or just a cute suburban street in middle America? Would I be the Faust Lane? Maybe? That would be a cute mom blog name.

I actually miss family photography. Oli is 4 and Milo is 3, I think by the time Milo enters kindergarten I may be ready to reenter the freelance world? I’ve never really felt like an influencer. It feels fake and weird. Do all Instagram influencers feel fake?

I have a tab in my Instagram Stories where I brag about recent press, once again it feels totally fake. So I’m going to humble brag here where no-one will read it because I can’t continue that. It’s too much.

The Frisky named Faust Island one of the Popular Parenting Influencers for 2020.

Mamabee named Faust Island one of the 20 Mommy Blogs to Follow into 2020.

Faust Island is one of Scubby’s 5 Mom Influencers to watch in 2020.

Forbes thinks I’m doing pretty well in the sustainable green mommy blog world!

I’m also on Mamavations’s List. Hello, she’s the CEO of Shiftcon Sustainable Influencer Conference!

Wall Street Journal called me an aspiring influencer. This one made me laugh. It’s true. But I don’t truly know how much I aspire, I don’t even really like the word influencer.

Flurt Mag did an entire piece on my conversion from family photographer to parent influencer.

Oh and Oli and I went on HLN to discuss Instagram and cute long haired boys. But he kept yelling poop, so I giggled all the way through it.

So we have like 2 months left of this decade and I have yet to figure out who I want to be? Maybe I’ll just keep winging it? Can you get through your entire life winging it?

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