Amber Faust is…….
Amber Faust 2020 Mom Blogger

Amber Faust is…….

Can someone help me write a proper biography? One that sounds a bit snotty and posh? A bio fit for an Instagram Influencer of 2020? No? Why not? Oh that’s right, no-one knows this blog is here. Echo Echo Echo Echo…….

Amber Faust is a family photographer and parenting influencer but most importantly a mother.  Amber shares adventures from her life with her husband and three kids on a sunny island in South Carolina on her Instagram account.  Her mommy blog tackles topics such as motherhood, family life, travel, food, and simple sustainable living.

I had to write these for an upcoming article and thought I’d share them here to hold myself accountable. My 2020 Personal Goals and Mommy Blog Goals are

  1.  Be more present in life and with my children.   I think this is a huge new years resolution, but it’s needed for me.  I’m an introvert who zones out when I’m bored. And we all know building the same favorite block tower over and over is boring. 
  2. Be sweeter to my husband and myself.  I don’t handle stress well. I need to channel it into something productive rather than passive aggression.
  3. Make it to the gym a couple more times a month, I’m paying for it and they have free childcare.  
  4. Healthwise, I’d like to continue intermittent fasting, but move my timing up to 20/4 or OMAD (one meal a day).
  5. My main mommy blog goal is to take it off Instagram and move more to blogging on my blog.  I need to learn to love writing. I love photography and babies, but I’m very meh about the actual writing part of being a mom blogger.
  6. My 2019 mom blog goal was to get my domain authority up to a decent number, and I hit my target.  I’d like to continue the upward trajectory of my mom blog into 2020.  
  7. I want to finally learn videography.  My kids say the darndest things, I need it all memorialized.  
  8. Hire help and delegate.  Whether it’s an assistant to stay on top of my emails and Instagram comment replies or a cleaner to help me scrub toilets.  I need to work on delegation.
  9. Drink more water and less coffee, the coffee is such a sleep disrupter.  I think this would help me sleep deeper.
  10. Be more forgiving is my main goal, personally and professionally. I hold grudges and I’m part of the cancel culture that is hurting our society. Everyone makes mistakes. That Instagram mom who left her 6 month old in the car shouldn’t be cancelled.  She should be forgiven and shown love and guidance. The carwash guy who forgot to strap my car seats into my car after he vacuumed didn’t deserve my complete meltdown, I should have known to check that they were strapped in securely. Shit happens, I want to give people hope and less snarky attitude. 

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